Sunday, 10 July 2011

Final Cut & New Equipment

For our A2 project, we are switching from the software we used in AS. We are switching to using 'Final Cut' to edit our videos after filming, as opposed to 'iMovie' (which we used at AS). I have had a quick tutorial on the fundamentals of how to use 'Final Cut' and essentially, it seems very similar to 'iMovie'. However, 'Final Cut' has the ability to have layers of frames in one shot, an ability that 'iMovie' lacked! This will be greatly useful to use when creating our music videos, as it is a very common convention used in many music videos.
Another 'step up' in equipment that we have access to from AS is that we now have access to HD video cameras. These greatly improve the quality of how productions, as they use a wide lens. This will make our productions appear a lot more professionally made.

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