Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pre-Britney Video Work

In the line up to us re-creating Britney Spears' video for 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'...we had several tasks to complete.

Firstly, me and Tom had to deconstruct a certain period of the music video. We found this to be exceedingly difficult because of the vast variety of the shots, and also the speed of which they'd been edited made it extremely difficult to deconstruct. This task took us a lot longer than expected, but we did eventually finish the task and found it to be very rewarding because it allowed us to examine the video in great detail and we became experts on that particular exert of the video.

Secondly, the two media classes had to create a call sheet that would be used on the day of filming. All media students equally contributed to this and it proved to be largely valuable on the day of filming, as it gave direct instructions on how to film each shot.

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