Sunday, 17 July 2011

Ideas For Our 'Mini Vid'

After listening to the song several times, our group began to think up some general ideas of what would happen in our 'mini video' and how/when we would film.

After much discussion, we began to finalise our ideas. The general gist of our ideas were going to be performance and narrative based. Since the song is very musically driven we decided we would have many band shots, which would also incorporate some lip-syncing from the 'lead singer' of our band Ben Hudson. Me and Conor would be playing guitars during the performance shots, whilst Ben will be playing the role of a lead singer. These performance shots will compromise around half of the video, the rest of our video will be narrative based. 

For the narrative aspects of our mini-vid, the general concepts of it will be people/band members acting 'freely'. The majority of the narrative of our video will consist of our lead singer spreading his 'freeness' to fellow band members/random people who are looking very upset, but when Ben 'touches' them they become free too! Also, there will be several random shots of people/band members acting 'freely' to help fill in the video. These shots will consist of people acting joyously free, rolling in grass, hugging etc.

A review of filming will be posted on here as well as the final video once editing is complete.

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