Saturday, 16 July 2011

Review of 'Britney Day'

On Tuesday the 12th, the filming for our recreation of 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' took place. The day was a renowned success and hopefully, we will have a polished off music video when all the editing has finished.

Our day started with a 'practise' session where we were allowed to practise our choreography and also perfect our lip-syncing. This was a fun and relaxing start to (what turned out to be a surprisingly stressful day) and it allowed our group to be ready for the filming of our 'corridor' scenes.

The filming of a our corridor scene was overall, a success. We think we were able to get all the shots we needed (although when editing is complete this will be confirmed). Filming was highly enjoyable - although it did take slightly longer than planned and we did actually go over our allotted time, however this proved to not be a massive problem.

When I wasn't filming our corridor scene, I was helping out other groups in their filming as an extra, dancer etc. This was pretty laid back but I enjoyed helping others out and also my dance moves turned out to be pretty epic...

Overall the day was thoroughly enjoyable and I found it a rewarding experience. It taught me the large importance of how hard music videos are to create. Time management is definitely essential (especially as we went over our allotted time), lip-syncing is incredibly difficult but it's completely needed in music videos. But foremost, being professional and having each member contribute equally is quintessential to creating the music video.

When editing is complete, I shall post the finalised music video on here.

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