Sunday, 17 July 2011

Review Of Filming For Our Mini Video

Filming for our mini video has now been finished and we are planning to crack on with editing as soon as possible.

Overall, I feel filming went rather well. We were able to stick to our overall plan of what shots to get, we were able to get a large variety of both performance and narrative shots. We were able to shoot in a variety of locations and also get several extras to help us with the shots of people acting 'freely'.

We did encounter some difficulties with the task of lip-syncing, this proved to be rather difficult for our 'lead singer' Ben Hudson especially and the shots of this lip syncing to a long time to get right. Also, I feel that the mise-en-scene in our video won't be to a particularly high quality since all three of the 'band members' were wearing rather average clothes and were not really dressed as a band.

However, overall I was pleased with filming and hopefully after editing, we will have a brilliant 'mini-vid'.

The final video will be posted on here when editing is complete.

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